To date Ostin Moriz has helped many students improve their grades, raise their test scores, gain productive study habits, and build their academic self – confidence. Besides, our students have attended top notch universities within and outside the country.

The universities that we have had our students admitted include Leeds University and the University of London respectively in the UK, Strathmore University, USIU-Africa and Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA-University).

We have been able to produce top students in their schools for instance George Oduk the top student at St. Austin’s Academy  in the May/June 2015 IGCSE exams with 3A*, 4As and 2Bs. He is now studying at Leeds University.

Amira Okundi who performed exceptionally well at Braeside School and is at the University of London in the UK.

Victor Mshindi went through our homeschooling and got admitted at United States International University (USIU) – Africa. He graduated in 2017 at only 18 years old. Follow the link   The tassel was worth the hassle